“Sacrifice” and its meaning in Dance

//“Sacrifice” and its meaning in Dance

“Sacrifice” and its meaning in Dance

What does the word Sacrifice mean to you?  Does it mean that you suffer?  Does the word scare you?  I have been fascinated by this word for a while, since my dear friend and mentor Myra Krien brought it up as an issue for discussion in the SEEDS (Self Esteem, Empowerment and Education Through Dance) Teacher Training.  The true meaning of the word Sacrifice is to “Make Sacred”, usually by giving up something of value, to achieve a connection to the Divine, something of the greatest value.  So how do we sacrifice for our dance?  We give our time, our energy (often in the form of money), and often times we give up some negative, but comfortable ideas about ourselves.  And what do we get for our offering? We get a Sacred Experience.  We have an ecstatic experience, brought on by the intense physical exertion and intensified by the energy shared with other dancers in your group. We experience our bodies change, and more importantly our acceptance of our bodies change.  It becomes our “Me” time in the week.  For me personally, dancing is how I meditate and pray, it is always a very sacred experience for me.  I Thank you all for coming to the “Church of Dance” with me.show-111

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