Thank you for signing up for classes at Starbelly School of Dance.

This registration form is here for your convenience. If you have any problems with it, please feel free to contact Cecilia directly at 208-891-6609 or through the contact form HERE. You are also welcome to register by phone or email.

Classes at Starbelly School of Dance

  • Signing up for Classes 1) Please select the classes that you are registering for above. By registering for classes you are making a commitment for the whole session (12 weeks). PAYMENT METHODS: We can accept paypal, credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, CASH Preferred. Class Fees are due the 1st day of class of that month. If paying for the session upfront, you have the first 2 weeks of the session to pay. PRICES and DISCOUNTS: There is a number of discounts available for students. The first class course is full price and each concurrent class course is ½ price (all must be within the same session). Also there is a discount for paying for the 12 weeks upfront( within the first 2 weeks of class)-you pay for 10 classes and get the 2 last classes free –for example a class that is $60 a month, if you prepay then it would be $150 for the 3 month session (get the last 2 classes free). If you have any questions about the classes please contact Cecilia at 208-891-6609 or with questions.


Cecilia Chad Rinn-Living Social
If you have any questions about the classes please contact Cecilia at 208-891-6609 or


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  1. I love all the classes I have taken! Cecilia and Chad are awesome! As a beginner at Bellydance, everyone is so welcoming and helpful. It’s been a great experience and keeps me moving with my Rheumatoid arthritis. I am so glad I made the decision to take classes here! I love that there is men and women with all body types and abilities taking these classes and totally non-judgmental! It is a great environment with great people!

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