Vintage American Cabaret, AmCab for short is an energetic Turkish influenced style of belly dance that originated in America in the 1960s and  is known for fast hard shimmies, sharp isolations and lively finger cymbals.

Level 1 Vintage Am Cab(American Cabaret) Slow moves and veil *NEW*

  • Requirements: Complete “Intro to Belly Dance” Class
  • Focus:  In this class we will be learning a vocabulary of slow moves, chest and pelvic undulations, body waves, figure 8s, circles, and layers. We will learn the basics of veil technique, wraps, and combinations. We will put it all together into a choreography to a song (TBA)
  • Instructors: Cecilia & Chad Rinn
  • Length of course: 12 week course.
  • Day & time: Wed. 6:45-8:00pm
  • Length of class: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Age: Adult (13+)
  • Price: $70.00 a month/ $175 session
  • Material Fees: $25 chiffon veil provided by instructor
  • Expectations: 30 Minutes a week of outside class practice
  • Costume(If wanting to perform in Student Showcase): Black Skirt $70, Black Wrap Top $30, Hip scarf $30, Circle Skirt $65  custom made and provided by instructor(These costume pieces of foundational pieces used in other belly dance classes) * performance is always optional.
  • Class starts Wed. March 4th, 2020

Level 2 Vintage Am Cab Belly Dance: “Old School Turkish”

    • Requirements:
      • Both Level 1 Vintage Am Cab classes, Fast Moves and Zills, and Slow Moves and Veil
      • Permission from the instructor
    • Focus: We will be learning new and challenging Am Cab styled belly dance moves, combos and zill patterns and a fun choreography to  to music by George Abdu featuring Chiftitelli & Karsilama rhythms.
    • Instructors:  Cecilia Rinn
    • Length of course: 12 week course.
    • Day & time: TBA
    • Length of class: 1 hour 15 minutes
    • Age: Adult (13+)
    • Price: $70.00 a month/ $175 session
    • Material Fees:NA
    • Expectations: 45 Minutes a week of outside class practice
    • Costumes if Performing: Circle Skirt $65, Black Wrap Top $30, Extra Fringy Hip Belt $50, overskirt $45,-$190 Total. We use the same costume for both Level 1 Am Cab Classes. Performance is optional.
    • Summer session