Saidi is a folkloric dance from Sa’id, a rural area in Upper Egypt that features bouncy horse-styled steps and large chest and shoulder movements.  It frequently incorporates a stick or cane, called an Assaya, which is twirled in various ways and used to frame and accent movements.

Tahtib  is the term for a traditional stick-fighting martial art originally named fan a’nazaha wa-tahtib. The original martial version of tahtib later evolved into an Egyptian folk dance with a wooden stick.

Dabke, is an Arab folk dance native to the Levant. Dabke combines circle dance and line dancing and is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions. 

 Khaliji  is a mixture of modern style and traditional folkloric dance from the Persian Gulf.  The name of the dance literally means “gulf” in Arabic and it is danced by local women in weddings and other social events. Recently it has become very popular among belly dancers.

  • No folkloric class are scheduled for the summer session at Starbelly