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In these Belly Dance classes we will cover all the basic technique, moves, and theory of Belly Dance which will prepare us for the more specific Belly Dance Styles and higher level classes

Introduction to Belly Dance:

  • Requirements: No prior dance experience needed.
  • Focus: We will be learning the basics of proper technique for foot patterns, hips, chest, shoulders & arms and how to be kind to ourselves. This class is for very absolute beginners, and prepare students to move on to the Level 1 classes after completion of this course.
  • Instructors: Cecilia & Chad Rinn
  • Length of course: 12 week course.
  • Day & time: 8:00-9:00pm
  • Length of class: 1 hour
  • Age: Adult (13+)
  • Price:$150 session
  • Material Fees: None
  • Class Starts Sept. 5th, 2018 Try 1st class for FREE! Sept. 5th!

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Belly Dance Drill Class:

  • Requirements: Completed “Intro to Belly Dance Class” or equivocal experience.
  • Focus: During Drill class we will be going through a series of moves and “drilling” them into muscle memory. We will work on shimmies, layers, transitions, arms, undulations & zills. This class is great extra practice and is wonderful at building endurance and strength. Very limited break down will happen in class. Be prepared to sweat!
  • Instructors: Cecilia & Chad Rinn
  • Length of course: 12 week course( will accept monthly sign ups, or nightly drop ins)
  • Day & time: Monday 5:30-6:45
  • Length of class: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Age: Adult (13+)
  • Price: Monthly: $70 a month/ $175 session/$20 drop in
  • Material Fees: None

Level 1 Foundations Fast Moves & Zills: 

  • Requirements: Complete “Intro to Belly Dance” Class
  • Focus: In this class we will be learning a vocabulary of fast moves, layers, turns, transitions and combos. We will learn how to play zills (finger cymbals or sagat), Middle Eastern Rhythms, and basic zill patterns. We will put it all together into a choreography to Akdeb Alaik.
  • Instructors: Cecilia & Chad Rinn
  • Length of course: 12 week course.
  • Day & time: Thursday 5:45-7:00pm
  • Length of class: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Age: Adult (13+)
  • Price: $70.00 a month/ $175 session
  • Material Fees: $20 zills(finger cymbals)Quality student zills provided by instructor
  • Class Starts Sept. 6th, 2018
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