Eventful Summer (2016) for Starbelly School of Dance

Starbelly had an exciting dance and joy filled summer and early autumn!  We want to share some of the highlights!

Delilah & HOT at Starbelly!

Delilah & HOT at Starbelly!

Starbelly hosted legendary dancer Delilah http://visionarydance.com/&  the amazing band House of Tarab http://www.houseoftarab.com/the weekend of Sept. 23rd-25th.  The weekend started with an intimate “Hafla”, or dance party at the Starbelly studio, where participants were treated to an impromptu performance by MaHaviahttp://www.mahavia.com/, and House of Tarab Friday night. Video below:, The fun continued with wonderful workshops from Delilah and House of Tarab all weekend, and a fabulous show at the wonderful Sapphire Room .  Big Thanks to all of you that showed up to partake in the festivities and support Starbelly School of Dance!

Starbelly Dancers were chosen to participate in “A Dancer’s Prologue “ at the Egyptian Theater Sept. 17th. Being able to watch and connect with the diverse and talented dancers from around the Treasure Valley was such a pleasure and treat for us.  We hope that this will be the start of many more such collaborations.

On Sept. 10th Starbelly Dancers had the pleasure of performing at the BAM Art in the Park!  Fleet Street Klezmer http://www.fleetstreetklez.com/ was there rockin’ the crowd, like always, and we even got to stay and watch the wonderful Idaho Dance Theater http://idahodancetheatre.org/ , which was the perfect way to wrap up a day of fine ART!

Amy IrisJessica Marie20160727-odp-0467-zf-5597-22967-1-001

Cecilia, Amy Iris, & Jessica Marie were able to go on a mini dance “tour” of Oregon in July this past summer. We started off in Portland, where we all three got the honor of dancing to Arabesque at the Hoda’s Middle Eastern Cuisine, then on to a private lesson with the incredible Ruby Beh. Next to Bend Oregon for a private lesson with Quinn Fradet of Gypsy Fire Belly Dance  http://www.gypsyfirebellydance.com/, and then off to teach a workshop and perform at the High Desert Belly Dance Guild’s annual Campout.http://highdesertbellydance.org/index.html1000-trails-122

We developed, and deepened some great partnerships with local restaurants this past summer. We started dancing the first Fridays of the month at Mazzah http://mazzahboise.com/, which has been really fun. We also were able to dance for the grand opening of the Goodness Land, which was extra special to see a fellow vendor of the Boise international Market rise up from the ashes with a beautiful new space. We have had the pleasure of continuing to dance the 3rdSaturday each month at Sofia’s for the 3rd year running.  We added Greek line dancing to the festivities, too!  Jessi & Litsa, Sofia’s owners, are such wonderful business owners ( and cooks, OMG!), and always supporting their community. We just LOVE those ladies!

Starbelly Dancers at Hyde Park Street Fair 2016

Starbelly Dancers at Hyde Park Street Fair 2016

We created some new local partnerships this summer, performing at the Salsa Festival at the North End Nursery, St(r)eam Coffee and Tea Bike Artist Studio/Gallery Tour , Boise Public Library, Pocatello Pride Fest, and continued our connection with other great community events & venues like: Hyde Park Street Fair,  Goddess Fest, Community Progressive, BAM Art in the park, Museum Comes to Life, and our family at Shangri La Tea Room & Café.

We started this summer season off by competing in the Idaho’s got Talent competition, where we made it to the semi finals.

We sadly had to say goodbye to three of our Starbelly dancers this summer: Heather, Kristen, & Janet. They all moved to new cities and/or new ventures, and we wish them all the best. Early this fall we are pleased to announce two new members to The Starbelly Dancers, Krina & Lara Rose.

012This season we have had the pleasure of performing at 2 birthday parties, (for a nine year old and a 45 year old), a backyard wedding, and a number of assisted living facilities, which will always be some of our very favorite places to dance.

We also started to nominate and elect a Starbelly “Raq Star” student of the month. This has been a wonderful way to bring recognition to some of the amazing students we have with us here at Starbelly School of Dance.

cecilia-tribalThanks to Frank Kovalchek and Brian E. Bothwell (of BEB Photography) for doing a marathon photoshoot this past August. What was the photo shoot for? you may ask…That is a surprise coming just in time for the holidays!


We are looking forward to one of our favorite gigs of the Fall season, The Idaho Renaissance Faire out in Emmett Idaho http://idahorenfaire.org/index.html.


Starbelly Dancers FlowersWhat’s next for Starbelly School of Dance? The Fall student Salon on November 19th, A Holiday show at the Shangri La tea Room & Café on Friday Dec. 9th, and preparation for the Big Bad-Ass Belly dance Show in Feb. 2017 at the Visual Arts Collective.

Thanks for all your support and LOVE!

Testimonial 3

“…I look forward to every week. I look forward to dance ever Monday. I plane my whole day around dance. I have been dancing since I was little. But belly dancing I love so much more. It’s great exercise for me! Thank you so much for letting be part of your dance school!!!!”- Starbelly Student

Testimonials 2

“As a male who is new to dancing, I could not have asked for two better instructors.  They made learning to move my body very easy for me.  And because the male form is quite new to the Bellydance community here in Boise, it has been a fun, new, and invigorating experience…Also, the Toltec Energy moves are very cool and enlightening to perform. They have really opened my eyes to moving my body in a different but familiar way!”-Starbelly Student

Testimonials 1

“…The day I walked in to her studio. I knew right then, this was the place that I would find love, learn, enjoy, make friends, be at peace, find more confidence, and exercise. But most of all the one thing, I fight with the most, is finding away to feel like I’m worth something…”-Starbelly Student


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If you have any questions about the classes please contact Cecilia at 208-891-6609 or starbelly@ftbproductions.com



“My experience with Starbelly School of Dance has influenced my life in ways I never thought could be possible. The community and support of everyone who is involved is amazing, my body awareness and ability has reached new levels, and my personality and self-esteem has blossomed into a trait that I am proud of. I am stronger than ever, physically and mentally, because of the love and passion that Starbelly School of Dance has so graciously awarded me. To dedicate myself to such an amazing school for myself and myself only has by far been one the most exciting and rewarding decisions I have made; I love the feeling of getting to know my body and learning how to better control my muscles and their movements. My instructors Cecilia and Chad Rinn have done a beautiful job at creating such a wonderful school for everyone of all ages and gender to enjoy; the wide array of classes offered at the school welcomes all types of dancers.”

“Sacrifice” and its meaning in Dance

What does the word Sacrifice mean to you?  Does it mean that you suffer?  Does the word scare you?  I have been fascinated by this word for a while, since my dear friend and mentor Myra Krien brought it up as an issue for discussion in the SEEDS (Self Esteem, Empowerment and Education Through Dance) Teacher Training.  The true meaning of the word Sacrifice is to “Make Sacred”, usually by giving up something of value, to achieve a connection to the Divine, something of the greatest value.  So how do we sacrifice for our dance?  We give our time, our energy (often in the form of money), and often times we give up some negative, but comfortable ideas about ourselves.  And what do we get for our offering? We get a Sacred Experience.  We have an ecstatic experience, brought on by the intense physical exertion and intensified by the energy shared with other dancers in your group. We experience our bodies change, and more importantly our acceptance of our bodies change.  It becomes our “Me” time in the week.  For me personally, dancing is how I meditate and pray, it is always a very sacred experience for me.  I Thank you all for coming to the “Church of Dance” with me.show-111