StarBelly Dancer Program

“StarBelly Dancers”
Professional, Principle, & Company Performing group

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To be in Starbelly Dancers is an honor and a privilege.  It is a gift you give yourself, the community of dance you belong to and the community at large.  It is an experience that offers you an opportunity to become a better dancer and a better person through rigorous training, personal effort and consistent performing.  It is not always easy to belong to a small community, but this offers us the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals within a group, an experience we will navigate our entire lives.  “Starbelly Dancers” is comprised of women & men of all ages, body types, range of experience, economic strata, professions, belief systems, etc., who come together to dance, to surrender to an experience larger than themselves and to be the very best dancers and people they can be.  It is a unique experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives.

How does a dancer become a member of the StarBelly Dancers?

  • Be invited to apply/audition
  • Apply using the application provided here
  • Agree to all the requirements of the membership
  • Dancers will be selected based on dance ability, level of commitment and the discretion of the Starbelly Dancer Mentors Cecilia Rinn, and Tracy Lay. New members also voted on by the existing Starbelly Members.

Details, guidelines, contracts, applications, & sample quarterly evaluations by request. Please Contact Cecilia or 208-891-6609 if you are interested.