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The Art of Belly Dance event with Myra Krien Sept 27th-30th, 2018!  Workshops and shows. 

“Within a few minutes of meeting Myra, you know you are in the presence of a different kind of poet, a body poet, a woman who teaches you how to enter the world in every way, using your mind, certainly, but also your heart, your soul, your rhythm.” – Bliss Magazine, Winter 2005

4 Day event with Guest artist Myra Krien

  • Thur. Sept. 27th 6:30pm- “The collected Letters of Alan Watts” Book Reading
  • Fri. Sept. 28th 7:00pm- The Art of Belly Dance show at the Sapphire Room featuring Myra Krien
  • Sat. Sept. 29th 10:00am- Belly Dance workshops with Myra Krien at Starbelly School of Dance
  • Sat. Sept. 29th 5:30m- Musicality & Expression for Dancers Workshop at Idaho dance Sports
  • Sat. Sept. 29th 8:00pm Starbelly Dance Party at Idaho dance Sports
  • Sun. Sept. 30th  1:00am- Belly Dance Workshops with Myra Krien

Thursday Sept. 27th 6:30-8:00pm”The collected Letters of Alan Watts” Book reading by Myra Krien at the Boise Public Library

Hosted by Starbelly School of Dance, the Boise Public Library and Rediscover Books. AlanWattsBoise . 

Myra Krien granddaughter of Alan Watts and great-granddaughter of Ruth Fuller-Sasaki, will read from The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, share stories and impressions of her life and lineage, answer questions and sign books. Director and Founder of Pomegranate Studios, Pomegranate SEEDs Youth Mentorship Program for Social Change, Mosaic Dance Company and Persephone Transformative Clothing for Women, Krien works and lives in Santa Fe, NM and tours internationally as a director, choreographer and dance educator. 

Art of Belly Dance Show at the Sapphire Room get your tickets HERE

Friday Night Sept. 28th 7-9pm. During The Art of Belly Dance, you will be delighted by the exciting and beautiful dance stylings of Myra Krien, renowned belly dancer from Santa Fe as she fuses the passion of Flamenco and the joy of Bollywood with the grace of Belly Dance. This thrilling evening will also feature local dance and musical talent Tora’dan Music group, & Fleet Street Klezmer Band and  including local dance artists, Cecilia & Chad Rinn, Jessica Giger, Tori King & Bayla Night. Doors open at 6:00pm, Show at 7:00pm $15 general, $20 preferred ($20/$25 at the door). Get your tickets HERE

Belly Dance Workshops with Myra Krien

Tribal: A Winged Migration
S*O*U*L Signature Oriental Universal Language
Flamenco Fusion
Bollywood Fusion
All Belly Dance workshops at Starbelly School of Dance 22417 Bank Drive, Boise, Idaho 83705(2nd floor)
Only 20 spots in each workshop, sign up today! *registrations are below.

Dance/Movement Workshop

Musicality and Expression for Dancers at Idaho Dance Sports

Starbelly Dance Party

Come hang out, dance, snack and have fun with us! Signup to dance or just come and enjoy! 8-10pm, $10 at Idaho Dance Sports 600 S Orchard St, Boise, ID 83705

Myra Krien is a renowned Middle Eastern dance artist, an international performer, choreographer and teacher of belly dance. Krien has performed on some of Americas most prestigious stages, toured internationally, performed for PBS and Japanese television and been reviewed by national publications such as Dance Magazine, Bliss and the Santa Fean. After returning to her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico she opened her school of dance, Pomegranate Studios, founded Pomegranate SEEDs (Self-esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) a non-profit youth mentorship program


Belly Dance workshops

Tribal: A Winged Migration:

Saturday Sept. 29th 10am-12:00pm $50 before Sept. 1st/$55 after Sept. 1st/$60 at the door. At Starbelly School of Dance
The most profound experience in Tribal is the moment when we are all dancing together. Without words, without choreography, we move as one organism sharing the experience of union. This profound moment can take time to create through training and learning the language. Through a brief exercise we will create and share in this experience. 

S*O*U*L Signature Oriental Universal Language: 

Saturday Sept. 29th 12:30pm-2:30pm $50 before Sept. 1st/$55 after Sept. 1st/$60 at the door. At Starbelly School of Dance
Completely New! Get your oriental groove flowing w/ this new improve style! Arabic dance is the dance of the soul! These signature Oriental combinations can be used in both individual and group improvisation for Raks Sharqi. 

Flamenco Fusion:

Sunday Sept. 30th 11:00am-1:00pm $50 before Sept. 1st/$55 after Sept. 1st/$60 at the door. At Starbelly School of Dance
Learn one of Myra’s signature Belly Baile` choreographies, a skirt piece to Ojos de Brujo. Technique work with hands, arms, posture and turns from Flamenco. In the fusion form on Belly Baile`, Flamenco is combined with movements from ATS®, Indian Temple Dance, Oriental, Jazz and Hip-Hop.


Bollywood Fusion: 

Sunday Sept. 30th 1:30pm-3:30pm $50 before Sept. 1st/$55 after Sept. 1st/$60 at the door. At Starbelly School of Dance
Learn 2 of Myra’s signature Bollywood choreographies: Maya’s Theme -a beautiful prayer about our connection to dance and it’s sacred history. Punjab – a fun, exciting and energetic party piece!  

Dance workshop for ALL dancers

Musicality and Expression for Dancers: 

Saturday Sept. 29th 5:30-7:30pm $25 in advance, $30 at the door At Idaho Dance Sports 600 S Orchard St, Boise, ID 83705. Dancers of any dance form can enjoy this workshop. As we are the “light expression of the sound,” we will investigate and explore, through deep listening, the universal sacred geometry of dance language as it unites with instrumentation and lyricism. 

Package Deals!

Regular Package-after Sept. 1st: All 5 Workshops + Dance Party admission $225 (saves $25 off the door price)

Space is limited! Register Today!  

Workshops at Starbelly School of Dance

  • This is going to be an amazing show! Tickets are sold through the venue:
  • We can accept: 1) paypal- Please send to or use the buttons below. 2) credit & debit cards- in person or over the phone 208-891-6609 3) checks & money orders- Please make out to Starbelly School of Dance and mail to 4509 Fairmont PL. Boise, ID 83706 4) CASH- Preferred but please do NOT send cash If you have any questions about the classes please contact Cecilia at 208-891-6609 or with questions.


Dance Workshops with Myra Krien -Before Sept. 1st

Dance Workshops with Myra Krien -After Sept. 1st