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In these Belly Dance Fusion classes we will explore the differences and similarities of Arabic folkloric Dance and Classic and Modern Rock Music, how to tell a story with movement and having way too much fun along the way.

Level 2: Fusion- shimmy and veils to “Mirage” by Lindsay Stirling

  • Requirements:Complete “Intro to Belly Dance”, “Level 1 Foundations: Fast Moves and Zills” & “level 1 Foundations: Slow Moves and Veil” classes
  • Focus: In this class we will learn some some powerful silk veil moves, shimmies, and combine it all with a brand new choreography to this modern song.
  • Instructors:Cecilia & Chad Rinn
  • Length of course:12 week course.
  • Day & time: Wed. 8:00-9:00pm
  • Length of class:1 hour 
  • Age:Adult (13+)
  • Price:$60.00 a month/ $150 session
  • Material Fees:NA
  • Class Starts March 5th, 2019
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