In these Belly Dance Fusion classes we will explore the differences and similarities of Arabic Dance with Rock, Ballet, Flamenco, and others, and how to tell a story with movement.  This class will also alternate with Pop classes, where we explore Arabic, Turkish, and American pop music expressed through Belly Dance.

Level 2 Raqs Sharqi-Shabbi/Tribal Fusion “Hez Hez”

  • Focus: In this class we will be fusing modern Shabbi dance moves with Tribal combinations, and folkloric Khaliji stylization to a fun pop song “Hez Hez”
  • Requirements Completed:
    •  Two Level 1 Raqs Sharqi Foundation Classes
    • One Level 2 Raqs Sharqi Class
    • Basic Zills
    • Tribal experience is helpful but not required
  • Instructor: Cecilia Rinn
  • Length of course: 12 week course.
  • Day & time: Wed. 5:30-6:45pm
  • Length of class: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Age: Adult (13+)
  • Price:$70 month/$175 12 week course
  • Expectations: 45 Minutes a week of outside class practice
  • Costume for performance: TBA cost between $90-$120 (performance is optional)
  • Class Starts March 4th, 2020
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