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Level 2 Fusion Belly Dance: Rock & Folkloric
Requirements: Complete “Intro to Belly Dance”, “Level 1 Foundations: Fast Moves and Zills” & “level 1 Foundations: Slow Moves and Veil” classes
Focus: In this class we are going to be exploring powerful and sensuous slow moves and shaking it up with some shimmies, while bringing it back the roots of Arabic Folkloric dance forms to some rock music, like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Skindread. 
Instructors: Cecilia & Chad Rinn
Length of course: 12 week course.
Day & time: Tuesday. 8:00-9:00pm
Length of class: 1 hour 
Age: Adult (13+)
Price: $60.00 a month/ $150 session
Material Fees: NA
Class Starts June 5th, 2018
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Types of Fusion Belly Dance Starbelly offers

Ballet/Lyrical Belly Dance Fusion is a unique fusion style that combines ballet and modern dance with  belly dance to create a graceful and emotive dance form.Klezmer/Romani Belly Dance Fusion is Cecilia Rinn’s unique fusion style that combines her 6 year long experience working with Fleet Street Klezmer Band and her 20+ years in belly dance to create a powerful, lively, and vivacious dance style.
Tribal Belly Dance Fusion is Cecilia Rinn’s specific fusion style that combines Tribal-Ex and belly dance, with a variety of music styles and props(like swords) to create a sharp, graceful belly dance experience.

Theatrical Belly Dance Fusion. Belly Dancing cats, snakes, unicorns, & super heroes-do I need to say more?!