Thank you for signing up for classes at Starbelly School of Dance.

Registrations coming soon!  

Please feel free to contact Cecilia directly at 208-891-6609 or through the contact form HERE. You are also welcome to register by phone or email.

Guidelines & Student Expectations:


  • We will  be accepting new dance class students at the beginning of each 12 week session here in Boise, Idaho (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer), if you are interested in starting class between those times please contact me to get on a waiting list for the next session.
  • Be on time. Class time is limited, and we need all of it.
  • There will be a sign in attendance sheet.  Please sign in before or after class.
  • If you miss 2 classes in a row, you may need to meet with the teacher (and pay) for a private class ($60 an hour).  If you miss more than 3 consecutive classes in a month, you may lose your spot in class. This applies for all classes except the belly dance Drill classes.
  • There is a minimum and maximum student count for each class..  If there is less than the class minimum then the class will be canceled and all deposits returned. Classes have limited space, so register in a timely fashion to secure your spot in class.
  • If you miss or will be late for class, please e-mail or text the schools director Cecilia Rinn 208-891-6609 or


  • Class payment is for the month. You need to pay for your spot in class. No refunds for missed class. No makeup classes. By registering for classes you are agreeing to commit to the whole session.
  • All tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If we have to cancel a class, then you will be credited for that class
  • I can accept cash, checks (made out to Starbelly School of Dance), pay pal payments (send to, or credit, debit cards. 
  • Class payment is due the first class of the month for established students.  You must write on the provided envelopes with you name and class/s that you are paying for discreetly put in the payment envelope.  If you have any questions, concerns or problems about any payment please make a note on the payment sheet (with how and when to contact you) and I will contact you privately and at a time other then class.  We do offer a limited amount of scholarships & financial aid-applications are available on this website (follow the links above)
  • All students need to fill out a registration form in full before each 12 week session.


1) Session discount. If you pay for the 12 week session upfront then you only pay for 10 classes and you get the last 2 classes free. 

2) Multiple classes per week. The first class is full price the second class is half price-the discount is on the least expensive class. This includes any Belly Dance classes, (excluding Yoga & Toltec Energy Dance classes).

I also give a gift certificate for $15.00 towards classes to an established student who refers a new student to Starbelly School of Dance.


Starbelly School of Dance is located in an industrial park. Please DO NOT park in front of any of our neighbors 12 foot overhead/bay Doors. We need to be considerate to not block their access to their units.  There is additional customer parking on the 37th street side of the complex.


  • No talking or chit-chat in class.  Questions or concerns about dance are welcomed.
  • Let your instructor know about any physical limitations or concerns you have. Always listen to your body.
  • No food or drink allowed into the studio or waiting area-other than water and protein bars.
  • No “observers” are permitted to view or sit in on classes without permission from the teacher.
  • Keep a journal or notebook for class handouts and to take notes in.
  • Dance Class is a Scent Free Zone. Please avoid use of perfumes, cigarettes, or products containing synthetic fragrances immediately before class. Essential oils are ok.
  • Dance Class is a Substance Free Zone. Please do not drink alcohol or use other mind-altering substances before class. No Alcohol allowed at the Studio at all.
  • Please do not come to class if you are ill and contagious. Stay home and get well. You are welcome and encouraged to come and watch class if you are feeling unwell as long as you are not contagious.
  • Taking class is not a guarantee of any performance opportunities outside of the Quarterly Student Salons.  Nor is performing a requirement.  The Starbelly Dancers are by invitation and or audition/interview acceptance and are separate from the regular belly dance classes.
  • All class Choreography are property of Starbelly School of Dance, and can’t be performed outside of the Starbelly Student Salons without the written permission from the directors of the school, with the exception of a private performance for family and friends.
  • No video of classes or rehearsal except a the opportunities and times designated by the instructor.
  • The teacher will decide who gets to move up to a higher class and when.   *Different students will move forward at different paces because or previous dance training, extra effort or natural ability. Please do not judge yourself against other students.  We all learn and advance at our own rate.
  • It is your responsibility to be informed of class updates or changes.  Email and website updates will be sent out.  If you do not have e-mail please don’t hesitate to call Cecilia with questions 208-891-6609.


Suggested Attire for Belly Dance Class

Ladies and Gentlemen-stretchy shorts or yoga pants and a tight fitting stretchy top. Supportive garments: women-Sports bra, men-jock strap. Soft sole dance shoes are optional.Hip scarves will be available at class. No coin or loud hip belts in class.

Suggested Attire for Toltec Energy Dance & Yoga Classes:

Ladies & Gentlemen- Comfortable workout clothes no shoes.

Performances/Student Salons:

There will be 4 “Starbelly Student Salons” a year, at the close of each 12 week session, and an appropriate performance opportunity for any and all of the Starbelly Students. No one has to perform. If a student chooses to perform in a Student Salon, they must purchase a costume from the school.  More information will be provided by the individual instructors and provided 6 weeks into class course.

Extra Belly Dance etiquette:

  • Please do not correct or criticize your fellow students/dancers.
  • Let the teacher teach.  I know it is hard to resist helping the floundering student next to you, but it is not your place. Let the teacher do the teaching.
  • If you teach belly dance at any other place other then Starbelly School of Dance, then you are no longer allowed in the regular classes.  Cecilia may be available to teach master level, or teacher training private classes for dancers at the level to be teaching.
  • Practicing out of class with other students is encouraged, but is not a substitution for direct instructions by the Classes teacher.
  • I have a right to refuse services to inconsistent students, students with an outstanding balance, drama driven, bad attitudes, disruptive or any other reason seen fit by me. I have built this school upon your best interest and work very hard to provide my students with a positive, non-competitive environment and will ask anyone to leave who inhibits that.
  • Laugh, giggle, make friends, breath, HAVE FUN!

These dance forms come from a culture of community.  The theory and practice of “community” is important to understanding and being able to dance the dance.  The practice of being part of a community starts in your dance classes, and extends out to the local dance community, the national dance community and the international dance community. Becoming involved in watching dance performances, taking workshops, & supporting the art form as a whole is a great start to fostering community.

Starbelly School of Dance
Cecilia Rinn, Director 208.891.6609