Starbelly Dancers

“Starbelly Dancers” consists of the professional (Featured Dancers) and  apprentice performing group of Starbelly School of Dance. Our professional Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) performances are not only well received, but are often the highpoint of any celebration. Our shows are appropriate for all ages, and we always draw a large crowd, with our knack for audience participation, and our dedicated fan base.

“Starbelly Dancers” is comprised of women & men of all ages, body type, range of experience, economic strata, profession, belief systems, etc., who come together to dance, to surrender to an experience larger than themselves and to be the very best dancer and person they can be.

he current 2016 “Starbelly Dancers” are Professional dancers; Cecilia Rinn, Tracy Lay, Sarah Barker & Chad Rinn. Principle dancers;  Amy Iris Jessica Geiger, & Alyssa Kimm, Principle Apprentice Tori King. Company dancers; Linda Cates & Kat Deters.  Apprentice dancers;   Lara, Krina, & Doris

The Starbelly Dancers have been performing locally for 6 years, and the featured Dancers Cecilia & Tracy have been dancing both locally and nationally for over 20 years.  The Starbelly dancers, along with being a great performing group, is also a mentorship program for up and coming dancers to get learn not only how to be a “professional Middle” East Dancer, but also how to provide their community truly inspirational art.

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