Path 1) Take class and/or classes. We have classes for everyone!  From very beginner, with no previous experience, all the way up to training to be a professional and everything in between. No student ever has to perform!  But If you want to Starbelly has many great options for you.

Path 2) Perform in any or all Starbelly Student Salons. We put on incredible student shows 4 times a year, at the end of each 12 week session. Available for Level 1 and up belly dance students and Toltec Energy Dance students. Belly Dance students will need to purchase a class costume which is designed and made to fit by Cecilia Rinn, and come to the mandatory dress rehearsal.

Path 3) Perform Solos, Duets, or Trios at the Student Salons. Available for level 2 and up students and purchase appropriate Private Lesson package, and costume either made by or approved by Cecilia Rinn.

Path 4) Starbelly Student Performing Team. For those level 2 and up students that want to perform in public representing Starbelly School of Dance in group pieces and/or solos and duets. There are usually 2 performance opportunities for the performance team in the Fall and Summer session.

Path 5) The Starbelly Student Troupe. This small (4-7 member)group will be performing at community events through out the year, varying from 2-10 events a session. Members will be chosen each session by Cecilia & Chad Rinn, the directors, based on class attendance, dedication, skill level & stellar attitude (from the previous session), and availability & passion to perform in the current session.  If you are interested in being in the Student Troupe, in addition to the Student Showcases, and the Student performance Team, please send an email to Cecilia & Chad.

Path 6) The Starbelly Dancers Performing Company. This group is for existing students who have excelled in their studies and want to be mentored and trained to be professional belly dance artists. Students must be invited to apply and audition to apprentice with the Starbelly Dancers. Cecilia usually takes only 1 apprentice per year. We are not takings applications for new members at this time.

Performers-Please fill out the form here Deadline May 5th:

Spring Student Showcase(Online)

  • Saturday May 23rd, 2020 from 700-8:30pm
  • Watch party in the Starbelly School of Dance Students and Friends group

(please have your friends and family request to be added to that group:)\

  • There will be a donation button for people to donate (in the place of purchasing a ticket)
  • I ask all performing student to donate $10 for the showcase to cover video editing time, and Meeting in the place of dress rehearsal (details below)
  • Please invite all your family and friends, or any members of community that would be interested in seeing an amazing quality student dance show!

In the place of dress rehearsal:

Friday night May 15th at 6pm  we will zoom meeting here:

We will go over costumes, and video instruction and I will open up for questions.  We will NOT being rehearsing pieces at this time


Is due May 17th at midnight. 

  • You are only allowed 2 takes, don’t worry I will edit around any mistakes.
  • You must get video between 7pm Friday night the 15th and 11pm Sunday night May 17th (if there is a conflict please contact Cecilia 208-891-6609
  • If possible have someone else get the video and upload it for you
  • no watching the video!!!- You can watch some short test videos for lighting angle, but the real video no watching!
  • Do your hair & makeup for stage
  • Try to get video outside if possible(lighting will be better and you will have more room)
    • If outside mornings and afternoons/evenings are best. Avoid high noon
  • Inside will work too if you have enough room
  • Think “selfie angle”. Get the phone/camera at a high angle tilted down.
  • Cassandra put together great directions for uploading

Pieces from previous sessions:

If there is enough dancers that would like to do:

  • Lv 1 Raqs Sharqi-Nova Raqs
  • lv2 Am Cab-Ala Bali
  • lv2 Raqs Sharqi-Hurry Up Mister
  • Lv 3 Drum solo

We can have extra class to practice those piece and get them, ready for the video on Wed. May 13th from 8-9pm $10 Let me know:)  zoom link here


  • Costumes will be ready for pickup or delivery on (or before) May 15th.
  • I will work on sending out emails for costumes fees. If you have questions or are confused please contact me.
  • Lv 1 Raqs Sharki El Bent
    • Black velvet skirt $70(you may have it’s the same as the other classes)
    • Blue halter and hip scarf $65
    • Men’s costume: Black pantaloons $45, Tunic $45 and/or vest $40, and hip belt $30
  • Lv1 Am Cab Veil
    • Circle skirt $65
    • Black velvet skirt $70(you may have it’s the same as the other classes) OR you can use a long black skirt if you own something that will work(contact meJ)
    • Black wrap top $30
    • Hip scarf $30 or extra fringy hip scarf $55
  • Lv 2 silk veil
    • You all have
  • Lv 2 Fusion Hez Hez
    • New black candy skirt $70
    • Turkish bra( most of you have) $90 OR black wrap $30 top OR gold cowl neck halter $30
    • Extra Fringy hip belt $55
  • Lv 3 classes
    • Already figured out
  • Tribal
    • Black pantaloons $45
    • Circle skirt $65
    • Black wrap top $30 or Turkish bra $90
    • Tribal belt $35

* I can take cash payments for costumes*

Vemno: Cecilia Rinn @Starbelly-

Paypal: or


Credit/debit Cards- with online link or over the phone

Welcome to the Starbelly School of Dance Student Performance team.

Our Next Performance is TBA

Rehearsal is TBA $15

2020 Summer ONLINE session (June-August 2020):
June 1st-4th  First week of class
August 21st   (Friday) Extra practice for pieces learned in previous sessions 6-7pm
August 21st   (Friday) Dress Rehearsal 7-9 pm
August 22nd  (Saturday) Student Salon 1-3 pm
August 24th-28th  NO Classes

2020 Fall session (September-November 2020):
August 31st –September 3rd   First week of class
* No classes September 7th
November 20th (Friday) Extra practice for pieces learned in previous sessions 6-7pm
November 20th (Friday) Dress Rehearsal 7-9 pm
November 21st  (Saturday) Student Salon 1-3 pm
* Make up class Monday November 23rd
November 24th -26th NO classes

Current Class syllabus and Choreographies are now on facebook along with links to online classes through Zoom

Previous Classes

Fall 2019 Classes
Introduction to Belly Dance
Beginning Tribal
Intermediate Tribal
Level 1 Raqs Sharqi: Nova Raqs
Level 2: Am Cab- Ala Bali
Level 2 Raqs Sharqi: Enta El Hob

Raqs Sharki:
Level 2 Raqs Sharqi- Hurry Up Mister
Level 3 Raqs Sharqi- El Hantour- Beledi

Level 2 Raqs Sharqi Silk Veil Evening of Roses( Summer 2019)
Level 3 Raqs Sharqi-Embers( Spring 2019)
Level 1 Foundations: Fast moves and zills(Winter 2018-2019)

Level 2 Raqs Sharqi- Habibi(Winter 2018-2019)
Level 3-Raqs Sharqi Enta Omri(Winter 2018-2019)
Level 1 Foundations: Fast moves and zills( Fall 2018)
Level 2Raqs Sharqi- El Bent E l Shalabeya(Fall 2018)
Level 3 Raqs Sharqi- Alf Leyla Wa Leyla(Fall 2018)

Level 2.5 Raqs Sharqi: “Drama Queen” with Veil and Zills (Summer 2018) 
Level 2.5 Raqs Sharki with Veil: Saher El Shaqi(Spring 2018)
Level 2.5 Raqs Sharqi-“Ani Fi Intizarak”- Asena(Winter 2018)
Level 2 raqs Sharqi-Saidi Pop(Fall 2017)
Level 2 Raqs Sharqi-Drum solo( Summer 2017)

Am Cab:

Level 2 Am Cab- Gamil Gamal
Level 2 Am Cab- Hadouni Hadouni( Summer 2019)
Level 3 Am Cab- Sword(Summer 2019)
level 2 Am Cab- Drum solo(Spring 2019)
Level 3 Am Cab-Rampi Rampi( Spring 2019)
Level 2 Am Cab Winter 2018-2019 Gossip(Winter 2018-2019)
Level 3 Am Cab-Aziza(Winter 2018-2019)
Level 2 Am Cab- Smile Fate-Modern Turkish(Fall 2018)
Level 3 Am Cab- Miserlou-veil(Fall 2018)

Level 1.5 Raqs Sharqi: Nova Raqs(Summer 2018) 
Level 2.5 Raqs Sharqi: “Drama Queen” with Veil and Zills (Summer 2018) 
Level 2 Am Cab: Mini Routine (Summer 2018) 
Level 1 Foundations-Slow Moves and Veil(Spring & Fall 2018)
Level 2: Am Cab- Ala Bali(Spring 2018)
Level 2: Am Cab- Old School Turkish( Winter 2018)
Level 2.5 Am Cab-Aziza(Fall 2018)
Level 2 Chads Men’s piece 2017

Level 2 Fusion- Bollywood- Mayy
Level 2 Flamenco Fusion- Perom Pom Pom(Summer 2019)
level 2 Fusion- Mirage(Spring 2019)
Level 2 Fusion Crystiline (Winter) 2018-2019
Level 2 Fusion Puya/Black Sun(Spring 2018)

Level 2 Fusion: Rock + Folkloric(Summer 2018)
Level 2 Fusion- Cursed Diamond (Fall 2018)

Starbelly-Tahtib 2019 (Winter 2018-2019)

Starbelly School of Dance has and added value in a in house professional belly dance costume designer and seamstress! With over 25 years of experience, Cecilia Rinn designs are available for the Students of Starbelly School of Dance!

For Women:

Level 1 Foundations:
Veil $20
Black Skirt $70
Black Wrap Top $30
Hip Scarf(fast moves and zills class only) $30
Level 1: Black Lace Tank(optional) $10

Level 2  Raqs Sharqi:
Classic: Silver top and fringe hip belt $60
Classic Hip belt with Fringe, and and Cowl neck halter $65
Modern Hip belt/skirt, and Halter $60

Level 3  Raqs Sharqi:
Modern Mermaid Skirt with slit and Halter $90
other TBA

Level 2 Am Cab:
Circle skirt $65
Extra Fringe Hip belt $50
Sparkly overskirt (silver or gold) $40

Level 1-3 Tribal:
Black harem Pants $45
Black wrap top $30(same at level 1 foundations)
Tribal Hip Scarf $35
Sparkly overskirt (silver or gold) $40

Level 2: Fusion:
Black Skirt of harem pants $50, or $45
Cowl neck top and modern hip scarf $60
T-shirt fringe belt and half top(Rock/Folklore)

For Men:
Black Harem Pants $45
Mesh tunic $35
Reversible Vest & Belt set $60Tribal Belt $35

Special costumes. As an alternative to the class costumes, students can commission a custom Starbelly costume. Deadline for special costume orders and ½ down payment due: May 15th

  • Black and Gold Turkish Bedlah (bra) top. $90. This bra will go with most if not all Am Cab, Turkish, and Tribal pieces/classes. You are welcome to wear this at student salons and public performances instead of, or with the class wrap top.
  • Add an additional $25-50 for extra coins, fringe and tassels on tribal belts
  •  Raqs Sharqi Bedlah (Bra and Belt): $275-$325. You could wear this with most of the Raqs Sharqi Costumes in place of or in addition to halter tops or other class tops and belts.
  • Tribal Choli tops. Different fabric and colors $50

Cecilia Rinn has been designing and sewing her own clothes since she was in High School.  When she became a belly dancer in 1994, the creation of the costumes quickly became an integral part of her artistic voice as a dancer.   Always performing in costumes she designs and creates herself, Cecilia quickly developed a reputation not only as an exceptional dancer, but as a strikingly original costume designer.  She began to make custom costumes for other dancers, under the name StarBelly Creations in 2002.

Class Dance Shoes

For class these are great belly dance shoes:
Dance Shoe Link

(Students if Starbelly School get a 20% discount! contact Cecilia for the code!)

Finger Cymbals(Sagat/Zills). Below are 4 different styles that you have to choose from for the Level 1 Foundations classes(ONLY these 4).  Please let Cecilia know if you have any questions.

* Please contact Cecilia for a consult before buying professional zills.

For performance outside of the studio, students will need full coverage shoes

The Dance Closet is a local store in Boise. You can try on the shoes(Highly Recommended!)and they can also special order for you.

Here are some good options to buy shoes online:

Ballet Shoe:

Jazz Shoe:

Mens’s dance Boot:

Ballroom Shoe:

* sizes usually run small.  Use caution when ordering.  I advise contacting the company for assistance.

Here is a link to Myra’s krein’s wonderful designs that you often see Cecilia and other Starbellies wearing!:)