Temp. Financial Aid Application

bva_3810The Starbelly Dancers, the premier performing group of Starbelly School of Dance, participate in and create numerous fundraising events through-out the year, including their Annual Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show, silent auction & workshops.  All monies raised through these efforts are put into two funds, 1) A scholarship fund, and 2) a fund for temporary financial aid. We do this so we can better serve the community in helping provide dance opportunities to everyone who wants it, regardless of ability to pay.
Please keep in mind that Funds are limited.

*Financial aid is limited to one session a year per qualified student*
* We will happily accept donations for these two funds.

*These funds are only applicable for classes taught by Cecilia & Chad Rinn*

Temp. Financial Aid: Starbelly School of Dance

  • Any student, (including the members of the Starbelly Dancers) can apply for Temporary Financial Aid. Preference will be given to: 1) students that demonstrates the largest need for aid 2) students that show high levels of dedication to the school and to their own personal growth as a dancer. *Funds can be used for class fees ONLY. They can NOT be used for costumes and material fees. ***funds are limited, but we will do our best to accommodate as many students as we can***