Temp. Financial Aid Application

The Starbelly Dancers, the premier performing group of Starbelly School of Dance, participate in and create numerous fundraising events through-out the year, including their Annual Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show, silent auction & workshops.  All profits raised through these efforts are put into two funds, 1) A scholarship fund, and 2) a fund for temporary financial aid. We do this so we can better serve the community in helping provide dance opportunities to everyone who wants it, regardless of ability to pay.


  • Only partial -25% to 50% of class fees
  • Funds are limited.
  • Application does not guarantee availability of funds
  • Only students who have completed at least one full session at the school are eligible
  • Decisions will be based two factors 1) students commitment to dance and the school 2) financial need
  • Funds must be used for and within the session applied and awarded.
  • Financial aid is limited to two sessions a year per qualified student
  • * We will happily accept donations for these two funds.

Temp. Financial Aid: Starbelly School of Dance

  • Any student, (including the members of the Starbelly Dancers) can apply for Temporary Financial Aid. Preference will be given to: 1) students that demonstrates the largest need for aid 2) students that show high levels of dedication to the school and to their own personal growth as a dancer. *Funds can be used for class fees ONLY. They can NOT be used for costumes and material fees. ***funds are limited, but we will do our best to accommodate as many students as we can***