Student Testimonials

starbelly (201)b“I started dancing this spring and was a little worried with my physical limitations that the intro class would be hard. I was also worried about how out of shape I felt. I was sore after my first class, but I had so much fun and all self-conscious thoughts went right out the door. Cecilia and Chad make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and encourage everyone to love themselves as they are in the moment. This is by far the best studio I have ever danced with. As hard as I work the little muscles I had forgotten about, I always feel better after class than when I walk in”.- Tiffany

“It is a real joy to dance with Starbelly School of Dance. Cecilia and Chad teach grace starbelly (70)aand finesse while showing true commitment to the art and form of belly dance. Starbelly fosters a sense of teachability at all levels with the support of a growing, encouraging, and welcoming community. I love that Starbelly includes everyone; that no one is not beautiful, precious, empowered and creative- ready to breathe, live, and love belly dance!”- Beth

“The classes are fun and very low stress. Cecilia and Chad are not only fantastic dancers and teachers, they are extremely warm and kind and fun. So whatever level you are at, you feel like you are part of the group”. -Lori

Weekly“In the 4 years I’ve been a student at StarBelly I have taken classes from all the instructors. Cecilia’s understanding of the physical body helps her to break down the moves according to her student’s individual strength, flexibility, and skill level. Chad combines dance with meditation as he challenges his students to release their mental limitations and push themselves to discover what they are capable of. Tracy’s connects her students to dance antiquity by passing down the stories and techniques of the great dancers who came before us. The combined talent and passion at StarBelly ensures all students receive the best belly dance training offered in the Treasure Valley”.- Jessica

“The teachers at starbelly school of dance bring world class instruction to the art of belly bva_3810dance right here in the treasure valley. The studio is a welcoming environment where students old and new come together to celebrate dance!”- Alyssa

“Cecilia makes the art form extremely accessible for the non-dancer”.- Kristen

“I adore Cecilia, Tracy, and Chad. They are amazing teachers that have created a safe and nurturing environment for people to learn the art of middle eastern dances. I am so happy that they all followed there love of dance to be able to pass that on to the students”.- Dana

Chad 6-1-13“Wow. All I can say is I have gained a whole new family at StarBelly! I’ve been taking classes for a little over a year and I would recommend it for anyone. It is an amazing workout and you make a lot of friends. It’s a place to come and release all stress and dance it out. All of the instructors are professional and are very approachable and will go that extra mile to help you. I’m so grateful I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone and went to class no knowing anyone. I love it here!”- Cindy

“It is a very fun environment. Always learning new things. I love that Cecilia is not afraid to teach complicated moves to intro classes. I just wish the classes were more than once a week so I can dance all week long”.- Nathalia

“I started classes with StarBelly because of a Living Social opportunity. Little did I know Sarah color blue smhow hooked I would be and a year and a half later I am still taking classes. Cecilia, Chad and Tracy are wonderful instructors, often I have been the oldest student in the class and they are so encouraging and patient. It’s such a kind, warm and supportive environment from the instructors to my fellow students. It’s been life changing for me mentally as well as physically”.-Tina

“Cecilia, Chad and Tracy are amazing instructors, patient and knowledgeable. From the moment you walk into the studio you are surrounded by a fun and supportive environment and people. StarBelly has been wonderful and accommodating to all abilities, genders and body types. I’ve not only learned dance but I’ve learned about myself and others. From kids to adults, StarBelly has something for everyone. This is the place for great dance, learning and amazing friendships!”- Janet

“I love this class!. Dancing has always been one of my favorite ways to relax and Cecilia Chad smand Chad have made their classes, fun, educational, and above all welcoming. They are always willing to answer questions and go more in depth with examples and help if you are confused. By far the best dance class that I have ever taken Cant wait for the next one!”-Elita

“It has been a delight taking class at Starbelly. Cecilia and Chad do a fine job of explaining and teaching. Being new to the area, it has been a great way to meet some awesome, supportive people. Give it a try, it is fun;-))”- Diane

chandani in red 2“Bellydancing is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Class has been fun and goes by way too quick. The environment is supportive and nurturing no matter your size or experience level”.- Stefanie

“This studio is amazing. Cecilia and Chad are great instructors. They not only teach the moves, but the mechanics of the moves and the muscles you should be using. Starting belly dancing was not something I had planned on doing, but I have learned so much about dancing and about myself. Cecilia encourages everyone to comfortable in their own body no matter what you look or think you look like. Starting dancing here has been a lesson inCecilia-BBABDS 2012_xx self-confidence and a new perspective on exercise. I started with one class this spring and I am jumping into three classes for the summer. This is the best thing I could have chosen to do since moving back to the Treasure Valley. Even my doctors approve of the movement, strength, and range of motion I am now getting in these classes”.- Tiffany