Cecilia Rinn
Cecilia RinnArtistic Director, Master Instructor, Costume Designer
Cecilia is the Co-director of Starbelly School of Dance, teaches the majority of the Raqs Sharqi & Am Cab, Tribal Belly Dance classes and is also the director, mentor and master choreographer for Starbelly Dancers. She has been teaching Belly Dance full time for over 10 years.
Cecilia Rinn has been belly dancing professionally since 1995. Before falling in love with Middle Eastern dance, Cecilia studied ballet, modern, and other forms of dance for 18 years prior to belly dance. She has performed thousands of shows as a featured dancer across the country and locally in Boise, Idaho. Cecilia produces and directs the highly successful annual theatrical “Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance Show” at the Visual Arts Collective, currently in its 8th year. Cecilia was the featured guest performer at the prestigious “Invaders of the Heart” world class show in Santa Fe, NM in 2013. Cecilia has been a judge at the fusion belly dance competition, “Hybrid“, from 2010-2015. Cecilia prefers to dance to live music and has had the honor of performing with some of this country’s best musicians including House of Tarab, Karim Nagi , and Leslie Mandingo. Currently she is a dancer and musician with the Fleet Street Klezmer Band (Boise).

Cecilia has a Bachelor’s of Science, Social Science degree from Boise State University and is also a professional seamstress and belly dance costume designer, and creates all the costumes for her performance company, The Starbelly Dancers, and her students of Starbelly School of Dance.
Contact Cecilia Rinn or call 208.891.6609

Chad Rinn
Chad RinnCo-Director, Instructor
* Chad Rinn will be taking a break from teaching until Fall 2019 to heal from a knee injury*
Chad Rinn has been practicing “Toltec Energy Dance” for over 20 years, and has taught class sessions and workshops in Boise and around Idaho.  After 7 years of belly dance training, he is currently a member of the prestigious professional belly dance group “The StarBelly Dancers” and co-director of Starbelly School of Dancer where he also teaches both belly dance and Toltec Energy Dance classes.  Chad has been a featured soloist at the Big Bad-Ass Belly Dance show for the last 5 years.  He is also a published writer and has created many short and feature length films including “BELLY: Sensuous, Scarred, Sacred” with his wife Cecilia Rinn. Chad has been a founding member and co-manager of Starbelly School of Dance’s parent company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. since 2002.
* Chad will not be teaching classes during the Spring session 2019