Cecilia flower 2Cecilia Rinn has been belly dancing professionally since 1995. Before falling in love with Middle Eastern dance, Cecilia studied ballet, modern, jazz, a little flamenco, and choreography for 18 years. Cecilia has performed as a featured dancer across the country. Locally in Boise, Idaho, Cecilia has delighted audiences at various restaurants, fairs, festival, events, fundraisers, weddings, bridal showers, and private parties.  Cecilia was the featured guest performer at the prestigious “Invaders of the Heart” world class show in Santa Fe, NM in 2013. Cecilia has been a judge at  the fusion belly dance  competition, “Hybrid“, five years running at “Fusion Fest”. Cecilia prefers to dance to live music and has had the honor of performing with House of Tarab (Seattle), Brothers or the Baladi, Arabesque & Negara (Portland), James Yousif (New Mexico), And Americanistan (Eugene, Oregon) & currently she is a dancer and musician with the Fleet Street Klezmer Band (Boise).

Along with bellydancing, Cecilia is an award-winning, filmmaker & graphic artist with her production company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. “BELLY: Sensual, Scarred, Sacred” Cecilia’s feature documentary about belly dancers, has toured the country after a successful premiere at the 2008 Idaho International Film festival. Cecilia & Chad Rinn are currently in production of 2nd feature documentary  “Belly Dance Warrior”. Cecilia has a Bachelors of Science, Social Science degree from Boise State University. Cecilia is also a professional seamstress and belly dance costume designer, creating under the name of Star Belly Clothing.

Cecilia is the Co-director of Starbelly School of Dance, teaches the majority of the belly dance (Raqs Sharqi) classes, Tribal classes,and also is the mentor and choreographer for  Starbelly Dancers. She has been teaching Raqs Sharki (Belly Dance) for over 10 years.

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Contact Cecilia Rinn or call 208.891.6609

ChadChad Rinn has been practicing “Toltec Energy Dance” for over 20 years, and has taught class sessions and workshops in Boise and around Idaho.  After 5 years of belly dance training, he is currently a member of the prestigious pre-professional belly dance group “The StarBelly Dancers” and has been a featured performer at Fusion Fest for 4 years running. At the 2012 Fusion Fest he fused Magical Passes with Traditional Belly Dance for a stunning performance. Chad is also a published writer and has created many short and feature length films including “BELLY: Sensuous, Scarred, Sacred” with his wife Cecilia Rinn. Chad has been a founding member and co-manager of Starbelly School of Dance’s parent company Full Tilt Boogie L.L.C. since 2002.

Chad is the Co-director of Starbelly School of Dance, teaches the Toltec Energy Dance classes, co-teaches many of the belly dance classes and SEEDlings and also is a performer in the prestigious Starbelly Dancers.

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Tracy has been studying Middle Eastern dance since 1997. She has performed at numerous local festivals and events, celebrations, and restaurants. She has been a featured dancer at Aladdin’s Traditional Egyptian Cuisine and at Cazba’s First Thursday events, and has appeared at Babylon Hookah Lounge, Egypt Smoke Shop, and Desert Cafe. She has also performed with Brothers of the Baladi of Portland and with Istanbul. Her style reflects her deep adoration of Egyptian music – internally focused, soft yet precise, lush and joyfully bittersweet.

Tracy teaches the “Strictly Egyptian” classes at Starbelly School of Dance, and also is the mentor of the Starbelly Dancers.



Starbelly Dancers

 Members of the prestigious Starbelly Dancers assist in teaching classes at Starbelly School of Dance.  There personal experience and love of Raqs Sharki belly dance ads great value to the classes. The Starbelly Dancers also dedicate hundreds of hours a year fundraising for the Starbelly School of Dance Scholarships and financial aid, along with donating there art to other local community events.

TThe current 2016 “Starbelly Dancers” are Professional dancers; Cecilia Rinn, Tracy Lay, Sarah Barker & Chad Rinn. Principle dancers;  Amy Garland,  Jessica Geiger, & Alyssa Kimm, Tori King, Company dancers; Linda , Kat, Krina & Lara.

The Starbelly Dancers have been performing locally for 6 years, and the featured Dancers Cecilia & Tracy have been dancing both locally and nationally for 20 years.  The Starbelly dancers, along with being a great performing group, is also a mentorship program for up and coming dancers to get learn not only how to be a “professional Middle” East Dancer, but also how to provide their community truly inspirational art.

Contact Cecilia Rinn or call 208.891.6609