Cecilia & Chad Rinn offer a variety of workshops

Duets: Cecilia & Chad share they’re experience working as a powerful duet team. Take the workshop with a friend or make a new friend.

Delicious Duet:
 Choreography designed for two people (of any gender) full of big, juicy Am Cab(American cabaret) Turkish moves that are fun to do in a pair. Taught By Cecilia & Chad Rinn

Romantic Duets
Choreography designed for two people (of any gender) with complimentary movements that express the blending of masculine and feminine energies. We will be dancing a duet Choreography to the song “Wahde” by Armen Kusikian. Taught by Cecilia & Chad Rinn

Narrative Duet
Choreography designed for two people (of any gender) that tells a story.  All dance tells a story, but we explore the narrative possibilities that are unique to performing duets. We will be working with the song “Eve” By Erik Messal. Taught by Chad & Cecilia Rinn.

Dynamic Duets
Several combos that accentuate the fun of dancing duets, matching your moves, mirroring you moves, performing complimentary moves, etc.  Tons of versatile lively combos for couples or friends. We will be learning a duet choreography to the song “Drama Queen” by Sahar. Taught by Cecilia & Chad Rinn.

Toltec Duet
Routines that blend, Intent, Dreaming and Decision Making movements that are best performed with a partner.  Redistributing energy can happen faster when moving in a pair. Taught By Chad Rinn.

Ente Omri: Ballet Inspired Raqs Sharki 
Choreography to this Egyptian classic that is graceful and elegant.  Taught By Cecilia & Chad Rinn

Twinkle Toe Combos
Combos in Cecilia’s signature ballet-inspired technique.  Raqs Sharki performed with the delicate grace and expressive arms in short combinations you can incorporate into any choreography. Taught by Cecilia Rinn.

Vintage American Cabaret
 A short choreography that covers the traditional 5 part dance set – entrance, veil, taqsim, drum solo, exit.  Zills optional. Taught by Cecilia & Chad Rinn.

Rock & Roll Folkloric
In a fun blend of traditions, dance classic folkloric moves to classic rock & roll.  Easy to learn dances that add tons of fun to any party. Taught by Chad & Cecilia Rinn.

Masculine Belly Dance (open to all genders)
Choreography that is ideal for dancing with a style that expresses masculine energy.  Zills Optional. Taught by Chad Rinn.

Toltec Fusion
Traditional movements from ancient Mexico blended with belly dance moves for a unique, powerful dance form. Taught by Chad Rinn.