Come take advantage of the Professional Instruction in:
* Belly Dance Basics
* Traditional & Modern Raqs Sharki Belly Dance
* Vintage American Cabaret (Am Cab)
* Tribal Belly Dance
* Fusion/Pop Belly Dance
*Folkloric/Social Belly Dance

Taught by experienced, patient and enthusiastic instructors of the highest caliber, Cecilia & Chad Rinn!
And guest teachers, Starbelly Dancers: Tori King, Bayla Night & Cassandra Joan!

Starbelly School of Dance has been awarded a grant from the Boise City Department of Arts and History for upcoming “Starbelly Arabic Dance Celebration”  Stay tuned for details! Dance artist Cecilia Rinn has also been awarded a grant from the Idaho commision of the Arts 7 The Alexa Rose Foundation.

2020 Summer Online class courses for continuing or returning students

Mon. 5:30-6:45pm Belly Dance Drill Class
Mon. 7:00-8:15pm Level 3: Modern Raqs Sharqi and Advanced Combos

Tue. 5:30-6:45pm Intermediate Tribal Belly Dance
Tue. 7:00-8:00pm Beginning Tribal Belly Dance

Wed. 5:30-6:45pmLevel 2: Classic Raqs Sharqi- Drum Solo “Indian/Arabic” Tabla fun
Wed. 7:00-8:15pm Level 1: Am Cab- Vintage American Cabaret Belly Dance- “Zeina”

Thur. 5:30-6:45pm Level 1-3: Fusion- “Chased Dog” by Solace Indian/Goth Fusion
Thur. 7:00-8:00pm Beginning Belly Dance Part B Track #1- Fundamentals of Raks Sharki, 6/18, 7/2, 7/16

Summer classes courses for NEW  students
Thur. 7:00-8:00pm Beginning Belly Dance Part A- Basics Fundamentals 6/11, 6/25, 7/9

Class start June 1st(exception of Beginning courses)

2020 Summer Session Online drop in donation based noon classes

 Starbelly Hump Day Nooners! -Back by popular demand!
Cecilia’s Shake Shack combos! Wed. June 3rd, July 1st, July 29th  12:00-12:45pm
Tori King’s Saidi Lunch Break! Wed. June 10th,  July 8th, August 5th 12:00-12:45pm
Cassandra’s Circle Circus! Wed. June 17th, July 15th, August 12th 12:00-12:45pm
Chad’s Happy knees! Wed. June 24th 12:00-12:45pm
Bayla’s Boogie Nights! Wed. July 22nd, August 19th 12:00-12:45pm
* Donation based classes


Cecilia Monday Mayhem!(shimmies) 12:00-12:30pm
Cecilia Thursday Stretch and Chill.(Gentle chair yoga) 12:00-12:30pm
* Donation based classes

Register HERE

In response to the Covid-19 crisis all Starbelly classes continue online through zoom through the summer session, with some outside events to be announced shortly.

We also opened up specific Financial Aid for class fees for those students affected by Covid-19 HERE.

Payment Types Accepted:
* Vemno- “Cecilia Rinn @Starbelly (preferred)
*  Credit & Debit Cards
or over the phone 208-891-6609
*  Pay pal payments: or
*  facebook messenger

Please contact Cecilia Rinn for details.

Belly Dance is for all sizes, shapes, ages & genders.  Come learn the expressive, emotional and liberating art of belly dance at Starbelly School of Dance.  Practice loving kindness, body acceptance & celebrate what makes you uniquely you in a warm and welcoming environment. 

For New Students!-Included with your 12-week Intro to Belly Dance course package.

  • Brief discussion of the history and culture of this beautiful dance
  • Positive affirmations and deep breathing exercises
  • Thrilling work-out excellent for core strength, spine flexibility, and weight loss
  • Password to the video and choreography resources available on the Starbelly website
  • Instruction of the highest quality by Cecilia Rinn, a nationally recognized performer and instructor with 20 + years of experience

Another remedy that can be used from the new virus is the generic Aralen<.a>.

Additional benefits for continuing Starbelly Students.

  • Performance opportunities, including but limited to quarterly Student Showcases & possible inclusion in the Student Troupe
  • Custom made professional costumes made by Cecilia Rinn of Starbelly Designs
  • Exploration of different styles of belly dance, including Modern and Classical Egyptian and Oriental, Vintage American Cabaret, Tribal Style Belly Dance, Fusion, and Folkloric.

Classes break down to being $15 an hour for group classes. All aged 13 and over are welcome to enroll.

“The biggest surprise for me is that I am actually able to shed my old ingrained dance reflexes and learn a new dance style. This may sound crazy but I’m impressed with the fact that I can actually do things I did not think I could ever do. Something as simple as my dancing in nearly bare feet amazes me. And I love new my tribe of wonderful, welcoming and talented humans. At the end of a challenging day truly I look forward to spending time immersed in dance and working with my friends through unity and cooperation to create dance.”

Jaki, Starbelly Student

“My wife Leslie started taking classes about a year before I did and she very much enjoyed the dance and camaraderie of the school and from time to time encouraged me to try it. I finally decided to start taking classes after seeing a student salon and realizing how amazing belly dance is for maintaining core strength, something that is key to long term health.
My biggest surprise was realizing I could dance. I grew up in an environment that discouraged dance and I always thought I was too awkward to actually move my body in a dance like fashion.
I have learned to laugh at myself, a lot. In learning to dance the realization that you cannot take yourself seriously and have fun and get better at dance was huge and liberating. I love the freedom to screw up and just go, “oh well, I’ll get it next time”, even if next time is 20 times away.”

Nathan, Starbelly Student

“The teachers at starbelly school of dance bring world class instruction to the art of belly dance right here in the treasure valley. The studio is a welcoming environment where students old and new come together to celebrate dance!”-

Alyssa, Starbelly Student

“As a general rule, I am not a patient woman, especially when it comes to myself. When I started belly dance, I knew it would not be easy for me – I have no dance background and no natural affinity for coordinated movement. I set out to just enjoy myself and the process and to be a patient student, trusting that progress will come naturally with time and practice. Surprisingly, I have succeeded at this, for the most part – I am not often frustrated when learning a new move, I trust that by the end of a session of classes I will know the choreography but may not execute it perfectly, and, most importantly, I am truly enjoying the experience rather than strictly focusing on the result. I still have my moments of doubt and insecurity, especially when it comes to performing, but I am happy with where I am. The support provided by everyone at Starbelly has been instrumental for me in this regard – thanks you guys!!”

Dena, Starbelly Student

“While I have often been the oldest student in class, it doesn’t matter your age when it comes to belly dancing. I realize I have some physical limitations, but I have also have discovered that my body can do amazing things that I wasn’t aware of. I love how much belly dancing isn’t limited by age and physical stature. I, like so many others have learned new acceptance of my body with it’s scars and curves…I have grown physically and spiritually as a result of the decision to try belly dancing and I haven’t regretted for a moment. My life is so much richer now with dance and the beautiful souls I get to share it with.”

Tina, Starbelly Student

“Wow. All I can say is I have gained a whole new family at StarBelly! I’ve been taking classes for a little over a year and I would recommend it for anyone. It is an amazing workout and you make a lot of friends. It’s a place to come and release all stress and dance it out. All of the instructors are professional and are very approachable and will go that extra mile to help you. I’m so grateful I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone and went to class no knowing anyone. I love it here!”


“I started dancing this spring and was a little worried with my physical limitations that the intro class would be hard. I was also worried about how out of shape I felt. I was sore after my first class, but I had so much fun and all self-conscious thoughts went right out the door. Cecilia and Chad make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and encourage everyone to love themselves as they are in the moment. This is by far the best studio I have ever danced with. As hard as I work the little muscles I had forgotten about, I always feel better after class than when I walk in.”


“It may sound cliché but I discovered that “beauty” is more diverse than what our society wants us to believe. Like most people, I have struggled to love and accept my body as it is… During my time at the school I have seen men and women of different ages, body shapes and sizes who are all there to simply enjoy dance and appreciate that their bodies allows them to express their joy. My body jiggles in many places… but this is my body and it brings me joy when I dance. There is no more hidden shame.”

Virgina, Starbelly Student

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can take belly dance classes?
You! If you are over the age of 13, and want to learn to the art of Middle Eastern Dance, then these classes are for you! We happily accept all sizes, shapes, colors, and genders in our belly dance classes.

Do I have to show my belly?
No. You never have to show your belly in class or otherwise. But if you want to you certainly can.

Do I have to perform?
No. You never have to perform. But if you would like to, there are opportunities at any or all of the 4 “Starbelly Student Salons” we put on every year.

What do I ware to class?
Stretchy pants, shorts or leggings. For women, a supportive sports bra, and tight fitting stretchy top. Hip belts are available at class to borrow or purchase. Bare feet, or socks. *No coin or loud hip belts allowed. Please bring water.

Do I need to know how to dance? Do I need to lose weight, or get in better shape before I start?
No.No. No. In class you will be learning to dance, while you get in better shape, and encourage weight loss. You will also be learning that you are perfect just the way you are right now. All you need to do is show up, the rest I will take care of, promise. Belly Dance is a way to celebrate all of our unique and vital beauty. Come celebrate with us! Register Today!